Teeth Whitening In Bayport

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening Over At-Home Products?

Many people are not blessed with sparkling white teeth. Also, aging, consuming tobacco products, eating staining food and poor oral hygiene can make your teeth appear yellowish and dull says the dentist in Bayport. This may lead to self-consciousness and low self-esteem. If you are also one of those people who are not happy with their teeth, professional teeth whitening near Montauk Hwy, is for you! However, there are many whitening options available which can make it difficult for you to make the right choice. It has been observed that professional teeth whitening procedure is always better than at-home kits. Let’s explore why.

Professional whitening is the faster option.

If you are looking for whitening your teeth before any special event or occasion, the professional whitening procedure is an ideal option. You can achieve dramatic results in just one session. You can even visit the dentist near you during your lunch break and leave with a pearly white smile. On the other hand, the at-home kits need multiple treatments.

Professional whitening treatments are catered to your needs.

The at-home or OTC products are made for public at large and there’s no customization. The bleaching tray might not fit your teeth properly and may leave your gums inflamed. And, certain teeth may be darker than others. With professional whitening, you can receive personalized treatment and achieve the best possible results for your teeth.

With in-office whitening treatments, you’ll enjoy your results for longer.

The at-home kits may work and offer whiter teeth, but the results are nowhere close to the drastic results that professional whitening offers. The at-home whitening results may only last for a few weeks or a month but the professional whitening results last for at least 6 months.

Professional whitening treatments are safer.

It goes without saying that professional treatments are safer as they are performed by the dentist himself. They take precautions so that your teeth and gums don’t feel sensitive which may not be possible when you are whitening your teeth at home.

The professional whitening treatment helps in overcoming the limitations of at-home kits.

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