Why Choose Dental Implants to Replace Teeth? 

Jan 01, 2023

What Are Dental Implants?

They are oral devices that dentists in Bayport, NY, use to replace missing teeth. Dental implants feature small screw-like metal posts made of titanium. Titanium is a biocompatible metal that can integrate well with natural bone tissue. If you have lost one or more of your natural teeth, consider dental implants in Bayport, NY, as a permanent solution to your problem.

Under Which Conditions Do You Need Teeth Replacement?

Unfortunately, tooth loss is a prevalent oral problem in dentistry. Adults and children alike lose teeth prematurely. Luckily, children do not need to worry too much about tooth loss since their permanent teeth will erupt and replace the baby teeth. However, for adults, premature tooth loss leads to various oral issues. Some of the conditions that cause premature tooth loss are:

  1. Severe tooth decay
  2. Impacted teeth – erupt improperly so that they remain partially or wholly stuck under the gums. Dentists usually recommend extracting such teeth.
  3. Advanced gum disease – patients with severe periodontitis may start losing teeth due to a weakened support system.
  4. Deep tooth fractures after an injury or accident can cause tooth loss.

Once you lose your natural teeth, you suffer various dental complications. Some patients delay treatment because they underlay the need for tooth replacement solutions. Some of the circumstances that necessitate tooth replacement are:

  1. Weak jawbone due to inactivity
  2. Teeth that start to shift to occupy the existing gap
  3. Dental pain as a result of straining the jawbone in the area of tooth loss
  4. Speech difficulties – particularly pronouncing certain words
  5. Difficulty chewing and eating properly

How Do Dental Implants Help in Teeth’ Replacements?

Dental implants in Bayport, NY, replace teeth by first rebuilding the jawbone. In dentistry, a healthy jawbone is sustained through activity. Therefore, if your jawbone remains inactive long enough, it begins to disintegrate. At Bayport Dental Care, we recommend treatments like bone grafting to restore your bone health before getting dental implants.

Dental implants replace the roots of lost teeth first. The surgical process entails cutting the gums open to expose then drilling the jawbone. The dentist in Bayport, NY, drills the jawbone to place the titanium metal implant. Once the implant is in the jawbone, the dentist sutures the gums to secure and properly support the tooth implant.

Dentists can employ different oral devices to complete the tooth replacement process. In many cases, dental crowns are ideal for crowning dental implants. However, dentists can employ dentures or dental bridges, especially for multiple tooth replacements.

Why Choose Dental Implants to Replace Teeth?

The invasiveness of the dental implant procedure can be too overwhelming to undergo if you are unsure of the benefits of the treatment. Among the different options for replacing teeth, dental implants are the best for the following reasons:

  1. They are sturdy – although no restorative appliance in dentistry rivals the strength of natural teeth, dental implants come very close. They are sturdy restorations because of the material and the stability attained through the installation process.
  2. They are biocompatible – although dental implants feature metallic materials, you do not need to worry about toxicity and allergic reactions. Titanium is biocompatible, making it ideal for use in your mouth.
  3. They are permanent – dental implants offer a permanent solution to your problem. You will not need to worry about your false teeth slipping out or falling off when you chew.
  4. They restore optimal functionality – since they closely mimic natural teeth, dental implants also function well. You can chew and speak well once you get dental implants.
  5. They look like natural teeth – Dental implants have incredible aesthetic benefits to your smile. Other than mimicking the structure of natural teeth, dental implants look like real teeth. The crowns feature porcelain, a tooth-colored and life-looking material that can match natural teeth’ color.
  6. They elevate general appearance – the first way dental implants improve your appearance is by closing the gap in your mouth caused by tooth loss. However, dental implants improve your aesthetics in other ways. They reinforce the jaw’s structure and support facial muscles to promote youthfulness and fullness.


Although it may look like a distressful alternative, replacing your teeth with dental implants has immense benefits for your oral health. Besides, the dental implant process stakes high success rates, usually up to 98%. You have a better chance of enjoying better oral care after replacing teeth with dental implants than with other oral appliances

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