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Unknown Facts about Invisalign Braces in Bayport

Mar 01, 2020

Traditional braces are well known for their role in orthodontics. However, people are yet to update themselves of the new appliances being used in modern dentistry. With cosmetic appearances fronting patients’ preferences, you will appreciate what Invisalign has to offer.

What is Invisalign?

It is the most popular brand of clear teeth aligners used in dentistry. The teeth aligners are made from a clear plastic-like material. This is what makes the braces be termed as clear or invisible aligners.

Invisalign in Bayport NY has quickly increased in popularity among people. Patients are understanding that their orthodontic treatments can be handled subtly. Everyone does not have to know about your treatment when you consider ​Invisalign dental care in Blue Point.

The clear aligners work similarly to traditional braces. They used controlled pressure to institute the shifting of teeth. The entire process of getting any kind of teeth aligners takes time. It is why you have to consult your ​Invisalign dentist in Sayville before agreeing to get the clear aligners.

Facts about Invisalign Braces You Should Know

Now that you know these aligners are useful for realigning teeth, there is more information to learn. The first thing you need is to identify an ​Invisalign dentist near you for better access to such services.

The most important facts about the invisible aligners are:

They are removable – one of the key advantages of Invisalign over traditional braces is that they are removable. This may not mean a lot to you until you have to choose the foods you eat. Patients of Invisalign do not have to opt-out of foods they love. You can enjoy both and hard foods as you want since the aligners are removable.

22 hours wear time – even though they are removable, your dentist will require that you wear your invisible braces for about 22 hours every day. This amount of time is needed to ensure consistent pressure is applied on teeth for them to shift as required. Besides, if you are not disciplined in wearing them, your dentist or orthodontist will know.

You must remove them when eating – there is a reason the clear aligners are removable. They let you remove them every time you need to eat. The invisible teeth aligners are not as resistant to hard substances like traditional braces. They can break easily and get damaged.

They stain easily – a downside to invisible aligners is that they stain easily. If you keep eating with them on, you not only risk damaging them but also staining them. Stains on invisible aligners undermine the concept of anonymity during your treatment.

You need several sets of Invisalign – throughout your treatment, you will use different sets of clear teeth aligners. This is one of the other ways that traditional braces are different from Invisalign. Depending on the plan that your orthodontist has determined for you, you will wear different sets. The purpose of this is for readjustment. Instead of tightening the fit as would traditional braces, you get a new pair of Invisalign Braces that are tighter than the previous ones. The longer your treatment plan takes, the more invisible aligners you will need.

The treatment period varies – this depends on different things. For one, the complexity of your misalignment can affect how long your treatment lasts. Besides that, your discipline in wearing the aligners for 22 hours daily will improve your chances of success.

Not everyone can get Invisalign – unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is not for everyone. Orthodontists focus on thorough evaluation of teeth before signing you up for treatment with Invisalign. Patients with complex cases of mispositioned teeth, for instance, cannot get invisible aligners.

Sore gums – soreness is part of orthodontic treatment when invisible aligners are used. The aligners have to be changed every 6 weeks or so. When you get new ones, they are tighter. This will make your gums sore for a while. However, the soreness wears off after a while. You will only experience soreness at the beginning of getting new clear aligners.


Invisible aligners are an effective way of aligning teeth. The best part is that you can still enjoy showing your smile. Still, before you get them, talk to your orthodontist about your limitations.

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