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Saturday Dentist in Bayport, NY

Here in the dental world, we are fully aware and understand that typical schedules may not leave any free time during the weekday to make dental appointments. Whether it be work, traffic, school, or other understandable obligations, we know the importance of finding an appropriate dentist open on weekends to get the care you need when it is most convenient for you.

At Bayport Dental Care, we offer our local Bayport patients services on Saturday to show not only with words but with actions that you are important to us.

Committed to Convenient Dental Care

Making dental care convenient and accessible to all is one way in which we level the playing field as to who gets to have healthy teeth. We are firm believers that dental professionals open on the weekends offer the best possible access to preventive care to their patients, by means of treatment options and appointments such as dental cleanings and exams. By making sure that our patients have the proper access to preventive care, this means that you can avoid serious dental conditions in the future. At the root of it, preventive care means less pain, discomfort, and expenses in your future for your family. There’s no reason that you have to choose between work or school to keep your smile healthy!

Weekend Dental Appointment

Aside from being committed to giving our dental patients convenient dental care, here at Bayport Dental Care, we also work together in order to make sure that in the case of an emergency, you and your family are also cared for. On the weekends, it is most common for children to experience dental emergencies due to sports and activities. With that being said If you experience any of the following dental emergencies, feel free to give Bayport Dental Care in Bayport, NY, a call, even if on Saturday because we will be open!

  • Toothache
  • Abscess
  • Tooth related migraine
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Incessant tissue bleeding
  • Large objects stuck in between the teeth

Whatever the case may be, don’t hesitate to give our Bayport office a call in order to schedule a Saturday appointment with us here at Bayport Dental Care! We are open from 8 am to 1 pm every Saturday.

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