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Professional Teeth Whitening in Bayport, NY

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today, and with good reason. A professional teeth whitening procedure can brighten your teeth up to ten shades! Ten shades whiter, can you image the impact that would make on your dental beauty? The benefits of teeth whitening greatly outweigh the disadvantages; below we have provided five key benefits that will have your pearly whites feeling bright and fresh!

Teeth Whitening Is Affordable

Many people think that a dental procedure like teeth bleaching would cost a fortune, but when you consider the value that a procedure like teeth whitening will provide, the cost is relatively affordable. After all, our teeth are here for the long-term; they are called permanent for a reason. Having your teeth whitened professionally can last an upwards of 3 years and for this amount of time, the price is minimal and the results speak for themselves!

Confidence Booster

If you were afraid to smile before due to teeth discoloration or stains, then teeth whitening will be a real confidence booster! You’ll be flashing your pearly whites every chance you get, and why not? You deserve it! The compliments you are likely to receive will seem almost endless and in general, you’ll feel like a new person.

It is 100% Safe

Professional teeth whitening is done with a number of safeguards to prevent negative results from occurring. However, teeth whitening, in the end, is still a chemical process. Therefore if not properly done it can stain your gums permanently and even cause chemical burning in the mouth. Many people who utilize at-home teeth whitening procedures report that their teeth become extremely sensitive for years after treatment. This is most likely due to their misuse of the product without professional oversight. Avoid this issue with professional whitening at Bayport Dental Care.

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