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Mouth Guards in Bayport, NY

A common question asked of a dentist is: “A custom-fit mouthguard—really?” Over-the-counter mouthguards are used by those playing contact sports and those needing to eliminate teeth grinding at night. When the same mouthguard is used for two very different purposes, the results will not be productive in either case.

The doctors and the oral healthcare professionals at Bayport Dental Care, located near you in Bayport, want to educate their patients, current and new, on the benefits of a custom-fit mouthguard.

The Custom Fit

A custom-fit mouthguard is prescribed and created by a family dentist from a detailed mold of the patient’s mouth and teeth. These devices are highly personalized as the dentist can adjust the thickness of the plastic depending on the level of teeth grinding or the rowdiness of a contact sport. These mouthguards can be fitted for either or both of the upper and lower teeth, without adjustment, for complete protection of the entire mouth.

How are They Made?

As opposed to the boil-and-bite feature of the over-the-counter mouthguards that form to the general shape of teeth, the mold made by the family dentist will form to all crevices of each tooth for an exact mold. The guard is then created from layers of super-heated plastics and then cooled for a durable dental device.

How Long Do They Last?

For adults, depending upon the wear-and-tear level, a custom mouthguard can last for 2-3 years. The mouthguards will need replacement when there are changes to the mouth or teeth, like the growth of a child or changes in the gumline of an adult.

It is always a good practice to bring the mouthguard with you to each dental appointment to ensure its continued proper fit and to make sure it is not damaged.

How Can I Get One?

Custom-fit mouthguards are prescribed by a family dentist, but not every dentist provides this service. The price of the guards will vary depending on the intended use and protection, the amount of material needed and any other specification personalized for the patient.

There is a good chance that dental insurance will cover, or partially cover, the price of a mouthguard.

If you would like a consultation regarding custom-fit mouthguards for you or members of your family, then please contact the oral healthcare professionals at Bayport Dental Care, located in Bayport, where new patients are always welcome.

Bayport Dental Care is trusted and highly recommended in providing custom-fit mouthguards, as well as treatments and procedures in general and restorative dentistry.

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