Is The Dental Implant Procedure More Painful Than The Extraction?

Mar 01, 2022

Most people fear that dental implants are very painful and scarier than tooth extractions. However, what you know about dental implants might not be entirely true. Here are all you need to know about dental implants and tooth extractions. You can see our dentists at Bayport Dental Care for more dental health consultations.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants surgery is a dental procedure that involves the implanting of a strong iron screw to take up the space of a missing tooth. The iron screw is made up of strong titanium and is often implanted inside the jawbone to perform the duties of an actual tooth.

People who have lost one or more teeth can get dental implants to replace the missing tooth to make their dental structure complete and appear natural.

What Happens During A Dental Implant Surgery?

Before getting a dental implant procedure, you would have discussed this with your dentist near you and received the go-ahead. There are a lot of steps and protocols that need to be strictly adhered to by the dentist and the dental patient.

The dentist needs to examine the dental patient first before allowing the treatment to commerce. Some patients might have unhealthy bones for dental implant and this could cause complications if the treatment is carried out regardless of the patient’s medical status. Also, the dentist needs to know about the patient’s dental health status so that precautions can be taken if needed. It is not often about the dental treatments only; it is also about the patient’s ability to recover safely. All these are what the dentist needs the put into consideration before making a treatment plan. Once all of this has been settled and the patient has been confirmed to be healthy for dental implants, the dentist will proceed with a treatment plan.

Before the treatment begins, your dentist would have informed you about the precautions that you should adhere to which include the drugs and kind of foods that you should eat before the treatment.

Now, concerning questions about how painful a dental implant can be. This is part where you should be informed that before the dental implant surgery begins, the dentist would make administer sedatives or local anesthesia to keep you relaxed and numb the pain or discomfort that you might feel during the procedure. Of course, drilling into the teeth and placing an iron screw would cause some pain and discomfort. However, certain pain management skills have been set to help dental patients feel relaxed and safe during their treatment. You can know more about this by reading an article on Sedative Dentistry.
So, once the local anesthesia has been administered to the patient, the dentist would drill one or more iron screws into the jawbone. And complete the treatment with other procedures. Note that, this could take more time as the bone and the iron screw would need some time to fuse.

Tooth Extractions

Unlike dental implant surgery, tooth extractions involve the complete removal of a defected or diseased tooth. A damaged tooth that is left untreated can cause pain and other damages to the affected person. There are many reasons why a person might need to remove their teeth. Note that, once the tooth has been removed, it can never grow back as long as it is a permanent tooth. This is where tooth extraction becomes a difficult decision. However, does this mean that you would have to live with a missing tooth for the rest of your life? No!

The good news is there are different dental treatments that can be provided to help with a missing tooth and one of them is dental implant surgery.

What Happens During Tooth Extractions?

A tooth extraction procedure is a quick and easy procedure. However, if the tooth is badly damaged and has cracked into pieces inside the gum, the tooth extraction procedure could take more time than normal.

Like a dental implant procedure, the dentist would administer sedatives to keep the patient relaxed and pain-free. Once the patient has been set for the procedure, the dentist uses some dental instruments to continue with the tooth extraction process.

Tooth Extraction & Dental Implant: Which Is More Painful?

Dental implants and tooth extraction procedures are both important treatments that a dental patient might need. A person who has an infected tooth can get it extracted and then decide to fill the space up through a dental implant. In other words, one procedure removes the bad tooth, the other replaces the bad tooth.

The pain that could be felt in both procedures depends on how well the procedure goes and the body system of the dental patients. People respond to pain differently. While tooth extraction might be very painful for some people, dental implants might be very easy and pain-free for some.

Who To Consult?

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