Indications That You Need to See an Emergency Dentist

Oct 01, 2021

Emergencies can strike at any moment, and therefore it is important to stay prepared. Recognizing the symptoms of common dental emergencies is one way of ensuring you act in good time. Some seemingly small dental problems can quickly escalate if left untreated, causing irreparable or extensive damage. An emergency dentist near you should be able to provide proper diagnosis and treatment within the shortest time possible. This not only gives you relief but also prevents the issue from getting worse.

Signs of a Dental Emergency

  • Severe Toothache

Toothache is a common symptom for most patients. If you experience a toothache that only seems to worsen despite your attempts to try relieve it, go ahead and reach out to a dentist for a thorough dental examination that will allow come up with a diagnosis. Extreme tooth pain could be a sign of a root infection which requires root canal therapy.

  • Dental Abscess

An abscess is a painful infection and is mostly found around the root of a tooth. It can be cause by severe gum disease, an untreated cavity or trauma to the tooth. Along with the pain, you may also experience fever and a foul taste in the mouth.  If treatment is not sought quickly, treating the abscess will require more aggressive and invasive treatment methods. There is also the risk of the infection spreading to other parts of the body, making it potentially fatal.

  • Canker Sores That Don’t Go Away

If you have any lesions in the mouth that just don’t seem to get better, find an emergency dentist near Bayport to have a look at it and determine what is going on. Lesions could be infected or a sign of cancer, a potentially fatal disease.

  • Damage or Lost Dental Restorations

Restorations appliances like crowns, braces, veneers and fillings are used for different purposes. If you notice that they are missing or damaged, it is necessary that you get to the dentist as soon as possible. This is to prevent a damage restoration from injuring you or risking damage to your teeth because a dental appliance has fallen off.

  • Bleeding and Swollen Gums

Bleeding from the gums is an early sign of gum disease. It mostly occurs after brushing or flossing and is sometimes accompanied by some pain. Going to the emergency dentist in 11705 will ensure you get the necessary treatment before it progresses and causes severe damage such as tooth loss.

Swelling around the gums is also a worrying sign as it could be indication of an infection. Make plans to immediately see a dentist if you notice anything strange with your gums.

  • Constant Headaches

Headaches are caused by so many things, among them your teeth. If you experience recurring and chronic headaches that cannot be explained by your general doctor, then maybe it could be something to do with your oral health. Pain in the mouth and the jaw is known to cause headaches. Going to an emergency dentist near Bayport may help establish the connection between your headache and your mouth. Often, conditions like bruxism are to blame for the headache.  The treatment for bruxism is usually simple as wearing a mouth guard that prevents the headaches and also protects the teeth from wearing out.

  • Cracked/ Chipped or Broken Tooth

This type of damage to the teeth can be painful and at the same time ruins your smile. There is also the possibility of further damaging the tooth. When you experience any of these, avoid engaging in any physical activity or chewing hard foods until you have seen a dentist.

  • Knocked-Out Tooth

Permanent teeth are supposed to last a lifetime. When you accidently lose a tooth, it is not only painful, but it also affects your smile as well as actions like chewing and speaking. Luckily, an emergency dentist in Bayport, NY, can be able to replant back the tooth, provided you act fast. Just make sure to find the tooth and take it with you to the dentist within an hour. You are advised to store the tooth in fresh milk or try placing it back in the socket as you wait to be attended to by a dentist.

These are definitely not the only signs you will experience during a dental emergency. Pay attention to any changes in your mouth and if your gut tells you something is off, seek help immediately. You’d rather go to an emergency dentist and eb dismissed rather than wait for a problem to get out of hand before seeking help.

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