How Often Should You Get Dental Exams and Cleanings for Optimum Oral Health?

Jul 11, 2023

Brushing and flossing teeth are essential for your oral hygiene. However, these oral practices are not enough to keep tooth decay, cavities, and oral diseases at bay. It would be best if you went for dental exams and cleanings in Bayport. Why? Because the dentist will perform a thorough cleaning to remove any plaque and tartar that may sabotage your oral health. This piece will talk about dental exams and cleanings and why they are essential.

About Dental Exams and Cleanings

When you go for dental cleaning, the oral hygienist will remove plaque, bacteria, and tartar from your teeth surfaces. Furthermore, during the cleaning, the dentist may perform preventive dental services if they notice your teeth are at risk of tooth decay and cavities. Some preventive services that may be performed are fluoride treatment and dental sealant application.

Some of the various types of dental cleanings performed include:

  • Prophylaxis- It is the most common type of dental cleaning where the dentist cleans your gums and teeth for optimal oral health.
  • Scaling and root planing- these procedures are as deep cleaning as the dental hygienist cleans beneath your gum line to remove hardened tartar and bacteria around your teeth roots. The dentist in Bayport recommends scaling and root planing for patients with mild to moderate gum disease.
  • Gross debridement- this procedure is recommended for people who have extensive plaque buildup or have stayed for more than a year without going for dental cleanings. The procedure is similar to prophylaxis but takes more time as the dentist tries to check for any underlying issues that might not be identified prior to dental cleaning.

On the other hand, a dental exam is a checkup routine where the dentist examines your gums and teeth for signs of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Furthermore, the dentist will take x-ray images of your teeth if they suspect unseen damage to them.

Dental exams are used to:

  • Identify problems early when they’re easier to treat.
  • Educate people on proper oral hygiene for optimal health.
  • Clean teeth to keep gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral issues.

You might need to go for more frequent dental exams if you:

  • Have a health condition like diabetes or heart disease that may increase the risk of oral health problems.
  • Have a family history of oral diseases.
  • Have teeth are prone to cavities.

How Often Should One Go to A Dentist For An Examination And Cleaning?

Most dentists recommend going for teeth cleanings every six months. However, the frequency with which you should go to the dentist near you for regular cleanings depends on your oral health.

The same applies to going for oral exams, as you should visit the dentist for an oral exam at least once a year. If your teeth and gums are not prone to gum disease and other oral problems, the dentist may recommend a dental exam after 18-24 months. Note that this should come from your dentist but not your assumption that your teeth are in good condition: as you might have an underlying oral problem.

Why Are Dental Exams and Cleaning So Important?

  • Dental cleanings and exams are crucial for maintaining optimal oral health. Here are some of the benefits of going for regular dental exams and cleanings:
  • Early detection of oral disease- going for regular dental checkups provides the dentist with a chance to perform a comprehensive oral exam. The exam will assist the dentist in detecting any potential problems early and treating them before they become more complicated to treat.
  • Saves cost in the long run- when you go for regular cleanings, the dentist cleans your teeth to remove plaque and tartar: which cause gum disease. This saves you lots of money that you’d have used to treat gum disease: which would have been costlier.
  • It helps you learn and abide by healthy oral habits- the routine cleanings and exams also provide an opportunity for the dentist to teach you healthy oral habits like what to eat and what not and advise you against lifestyle habits like smoking that can sabotage your oral health.
  • Peace of mind- if you have an oral problem, you’ll be concerned about whether it is a big issue. Fortunately, dental exams and cleanings give you peace of mind. This is because the dentist examines your mouth and treats any oral problem, reducing your anxiety.

Dental exams and cleanings are imperative for everyone. So, don’t hesitate to schedule your next appointment at Bayport Dental Care. You can entrust us to take care of your oral health, and we’ll ensure you have a healthy smile all year round.

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