How Long Can You Have a Temporary Dental Crown

How Long Can You Have a Temporary Dental Crown?

Jun 01, 2023

Dental crowns improve a tooth’s structure, size, shape, and aesthetics. They help restore dental function and enhance a smile. There are two types of dental crowns, permanent and temporary. Continue reading to learn about temporary dental crowns in Bayport, NY.

What Are Temporary Dental Crowns?

They are tooth-shaped caps that a dentist places on a tooth for a short while before fixing a permanent crown. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks for a dentist near you to create a permanent dental crown. It is because permanent dental crowns must be customized to fit your mouth. So, they will place a temporary crown on the tooth in the meantime.

However, not all dentists use temporary crowns. Some have the technology to make a permanent crown in a few hours rather than two-three weeks. They use the CEREC system, which allows them to custom-make permanent crowns as you wait. Therefore, the dentist will treat the tooth and fix your permanent crown in one session.

When Are Temporary Dental Crowns Needed?

During the crown procedure, the dentist in Bayport will alter the structure of your tooth. They may do so while removing the decayed parts or downsizing the tooth to look natural after treatment. As a result, your tooth will be vulnerable to damage and infections. Also, it will be difficult to chew with the damaged tooth.

So, the dentist must cover it with a crown. However, if they lack the technology to create a permanent crown immediately, they will cover the tooth with a temporary crown. These crowns enable you to chew food properly and without pain. They protect your natural teeth from damage and sensitivity as you eat. In addition, they prevent bacterial infections.

Temporary crowns also keep the tooth from shifting or changing structure during use. Therefore, the permanent crown will fit over the prepared tooth without requiring adjustments. In addition, they cover the affected tooth and disguise its appearance. This helps your smile look good in the short period you will be waiting for the permanent crown.

How Long Does a Temporary Crown Last?

Temporary crowns can enhance and protect a tooth but are not strong or durable. They are designed for temporary use and are supposed to last 2-3 weeks. This is the time it usually takes to custom-make permanent crowns. They require special care during this time to prevent damage or dislocation.

If a temporary crown stays on too long, it can become loose. It allows bacteria to enter the tooth underneath. Consequently, this increases your chances of decay, tooth infection, and gum disease. Leaving the crown too long can damage the natural tooth beneath it. The crown is not fabricated to withstand excess chewing pressure. It will break or fracture if you use it for longer than prescribed.

How Are Dental Crowns Placed?

Getting dental crowns in Bayport, NY, is easy, fast, and pain-free. Below are general steps in the dental crown placement procedure at Bayport Dental Care.

  1. The dentist will begin by evaluating your teeth, smile, and oral health history. This helps to determine if dental crowns are suitable for you. They will take x-rays or scans of the tooth and surrounding gums and jawbone. If you have tooth infections or gum disease, they will be treated before progressing.
  2. The dentist will prepare your natural tooth for a crown by filing it down at the top and sides. They will also remove any decayed and compromised portions of the tooth, leaving a firm structure. If necessary, they will use composite material to fill any holes or build up the tooth structure. The dentist will administer anesthesia to prevent pain during this stage.
  3. They will take the impression or scan of the prepared tooth and those surrounding it. Then, they will use a shade guide to determine the perfect color for your new crown. It should match the surrounding teeth and appear natural. Next, they will send the impression or 3D images to the dental lab to fabricate a permanent crown.
  4. The dentist will fix a pre-made dental crown to the prepared tooth using temporary dental adhesive.
  5. They will then schedule an appointment in 2-3 weeks to remove the temporary crown and replace it with the permanent one.

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