How Can Dental Implants Change Your Life for the Better?

Dec 01, 2020

Loss of teeth impacts your life in many ways. Besides losing your freedom to smile before everyone and have the food, you love your also burdened by other issues. You confront challenges when speaking and notice changes in your mouth as your remaining teeth begin to shift position towards the blank space. Your situation is quite common in America, as many people lose teeth and look for solutions to replace them.

You may have maintained excellent oral hygiene throughout your life and had exams and cleanings from the dentist in Bayport, NY. Still, the loss of teeth is altogether another matter. The deficiency may have affected you because of injury, age, or any other reason. The impact the failure would cause on you may seem like a challenge. However, if you return to the Bayport dentist for a consultation, the professional will undoubtedly recommend dental implants in Bayport and explain how you benefit from having implant placements.

If loss of teeth made your life worse, implant placements bring changes to make your life seem better. The implant placement procedure is intensive and will require patience from you if you decide to have them as teeth replacements. However, if you want a solution lasting for a lifetime, you must choose one considered the gold standard for teeth replacement. Dental implants do not merely give you fake teeth in your mouth, but they function like natural teeth integrated with your jawbone after they are inserted. They also give you the following benefits to leave you convinced you have chosen an appropriate method to replace lost teeth.

How Implant Placements Change Your Life?

When you have dental implants in Bayport, NY, you choose a solution that looks and feels natural. As dental implants are permanent, they make you appear and feel more like yourself. The resultant confidence has a positive impact on your life and work.

Implants Help to Improve Your Health

Implant placements wouldn’t require support from your existing teeth because these are standalone restorations. The implanted teeth are mounted on the titanium post inserted into your jawbone and not anchored to your neighboring teeth. They are easier to clean to let you maintain proper oral hygiene.

Implant placements help you regain your ability to smile, allowing your body to release stress-reducing chemicals to impact the heart positively. If you are chosen dentures as replacements for your lost teeth, you would have become vulnerable to malnutrition, more stress, and lack of mobility.

Improved Speech

Implant placements help you to improve your speech, unlike dentures that make it challenging to speak when wearing them. Dentures can come to loose make you slur your words when speaking. You confront no such challenges when you have artificial teeth mounted on titanium implants.


Alternative teeth replacement solutions like dentures can become loose to make it challenging for you to have the foods you love either at home or in public places. However, dental implants function like your natural teeth and are durable. You can chew the foods you love without the concerns of pain or any other problems. You can even have healthier foods that need more chewing to nourish yourself adequately.


Convenience is perhaps the best change in your life implant placements can provide. As they are affixed into your jawbone, you are free from the concerns of removing the implanted teeth for cleaning or worry about tooth decay affecting them. The worries of damaging them also can be forgotten.

Information that dental implants don’t decay should encourage you to neglect proper oral hygiene routine. The titanium post inserted into your jawbone will not decay and nor will the dental crown mounted on the implant. However, your gums are susceptible to problems if you don’t maintain your oral hygiene adequately. It helps you significantly if you discuss with the Bayport dentist how you can keep your dental implants and oral health in good condition after implant placement is finished and successful.

The Bayport dentist will undoubtedly recommend that besides brushing and flossing your teeth every day, you must also have your teeth examined and cleaned every six months to ensure plaque and tartar deposits are not accumulating beneath the dental implants. Gingivitis is a primary concern for people with implant placements because it loosens the jawbone weakening the implant. If you allow this issue to affect, you may have to seek replacements for the replaced teeth because it can lead to the implant’s failure. Therefore make every effort to adhere to the dentist’s guidelines because it will help your implants remain with you for your lifetime.

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