Everything You Must Know About Getting a Dental Crown

Oct 05, 2022

Everyone desires an amazing smile. You can achieve the smile of your dreams using dental crowns in Bayport. These dental restorations are used to repair damaged, misshaped, discolored, or weakened teeth. The dentist customizes them to mimic the size and appearance of the other teeth for a natural-looking smile. Read on for all you should know about crowns.

A Dental Crown Procedure

A dental crown is a tooth-like cap that covers a tooth from the gum line to its visible part. The procedure for placing a crown is fast and straightforward. First, the dentist will begin by administering anesthetics for a pain-free treatment. Next, they will prepare the tooth by removing the decayed parts. They will also file it down to a size that comfortably accommodates a crown.

The next step involves taking a mold or images of the prepared tooth. These personalized measurements ensure you get a customized crown. As a result, the crown will not affect your bite or irritate the gums. Next, the experts will create the crown that complements your smile. Finally, they will attach it to the tooth with dental adhesives.

A dental crown procedure can also involve a tooth replacement procedure. For example, the dentist may use a crown to help support a dental bridge. They may also use a crown in a dental implant procedure that replaces the missing tooth.

At What Age Can a Dental Crown Be Used?

Patients of all ages can get dental crowns. For instance, children are susceptible to decay and may require a dental crown. However, crowns placed before the teeth are fully matured are only temporary. This is because the child’s teeth keep growing until they reach ages 17 or 18. Therefore, cosmetic dental care with crowns before this age will not yield permanent results.

Your child will require a crown if their teeth are severely worn out. For example, they are placed on the teeth of kids with bruxism or serious enamel erosion. The dentist may also place the crown on baby teeth after a pulpotomy. It restores the tooth and protects it from further decay or damage.

Additionally, you can get a crown for your child if their front teeth are stained, chipped, or fractured. The cap-like restorations can also be used if the kid’s teeth have not developed properly. Crowns repair and restore their teeth, giving them a beautiful smile.

Pediatric dental crowns are usually made from stainless steel. However, the dentist can use other materials. For example, if the crown should cover a baby tooth, the dentist will recommend porcelain-fused-to-metal. However, all-porcelain crowns are appropriate if a crown should replace a permanent tooth.

Adults can get crowns made of various materials for their teeth. They can be used as part of dental implant or root canal procedures. An adult with bruxism, dental wear, and tear caused by aging or trauma can also get crowns. These restorations can improve the looks and function of teeth. They work on damaged, smaller than average, permanently stained, or misshapen teeth.

How Safe Is a Dental Crown for Oral Health?

People considering dental crowns are often curious about their safety and effects on oral health. The American Dental Association assures patients that dental crowns are safe. However, individuals with metal allergies may react to metallic crown materials. The dentist can prevent this by performing an allergy test before crown placement.

Dental crowns in Bayport are safe for oral health because highly skilled dentists place them. These cosmetic dentistry experts are trained to avoid potential complications. When preparing the tooth, they avoid nerve damage, tooth perforation, and extreme sensitivity.

The experts will instruct you on the proper methods to clean your crowned teeth. This will ensure optimum oral health and prevent decay beneath the crown. In addition, they will customize the cap to avoid bite issues, gum irritation, and recession.

Finally, the dentists will advise you on avoiding crown damage or detachment. For example, you should not brush your teeth aggressively or chew on hard or sticky foods. In addition, they will recommend that you wear a customized mouthguard to prevent trauma and bruxism.

Do you need crowns for you or your child? Then contact us at Bayport Dental Care for various types of dental crowns. You can also visit us if you need help with post-treatment complications.

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