Do You Have To Go without Teeth Before Getting Dental Implants?

May 01, 2023

Dental implants are excellent solutions to replace teeth, whether in your mouth or out of it. Unfortunately, most people believe they can get dental implants only if they visit their dentist without teeth in their mouths.

You are sadly mistaken if you think you cannot receive dental implants with teeth in your mouth. While your concerns are justified, it helps to understand implants also help replace extracted teeth immediately without waiting for your tooth socket to heal, requiring six months or more. Therefore you do not have to be without teeth but can receive a dental implant and a temporary tooth over it as it osseointegrate’s with your body to become part of your mouth.

If you intend to replace molars at the back of your mouth, you will not require a temporary tooth. However, alternative options for temporary dental implant teeth from the dentist in Bayport, NY, are replaced by some options mentioned below for your understanding.

What Are the Types of Temporary Implants?

  • Dental Flipper: If missing teeth in the aesthetic zone impact your smile, the dentist suggests replacing them with a dental flipper. Dental flippers are removable and represent a missing tooth making removal essential At night. Flippers appear natural despite not being robust because they are only useful as a temporary option.
  • Essix Retainer: Essix retainers are similar to Invisalign aligners or teeth whitening trays with temporary teeth attached. Essix retainers are also removable if you decide to have them to replace your missing teeth.
  • Snap-on Smile: a temporary bridge created from durable dental resin suitable for storing upper front or lower teeth is a snap-on smile also removable at night because it fits over your teeth. In addition, a snap-on smile is also bulky.
  • Maryland Bridges: Maryland bridges are temporarily bonded to the back surface of the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. After receiving dental implants following a tooth extraction, the placement remains in position for the healing duration.
  • You can receive replacement teeth on the same day as extractions and get dental implant surgery immediately after. Unfortunately, the implanted teeth are designed for cosmetic reasons making it essential not to use them like your natural teeth. After undergoing a surgical procedure to receive dental implants immediately after tooth removal, you would not want to damage the implants in your mouth to delay getting your replacement teeth beyond the specified time, would you?

After Extraction, How Long Must You Wait Before Getting Implants

Typically tooth extractions are performed on many adults because of tooth decay, injuries, overcrowding, gum disease, et cetera. However, when you consider replacing the missing teeth immediately to avoid the embarrassment of displaying a toothless grin purely for aesthetic purposes, you can discuss getting dental implants directly after the extraction.

If you discuss your situation with dental implants in Bayside, NY, the Bayside dentist examines your jawbone and physical health before tooth removal to determine whether you are suitable for dental implant placement immediately after tooth extraction. People with compromised physical and oral health receive suggestions from the dentist to allow their tooth sockets to heal before getting dental implants. However, if you are reluctant to display open gaps between your teeth and are in good physical and oral health, a dentist places a dental implant in your jawbone immediately after tooth removal.

After dental implant placement, kindly do not expect the dentist to place a replacement tooth over the implant but expect to receive a suggestion to use temporary teeth until the implanted titanium post integrates with your jawbone in approximately three to six months. You can receive your artificial tooth over the implant only after recovery from the dental implant procedure and not earlier.

If you want a whole arch of teeth replaced in the upper or lower jaw, the Bayport dentist can provide teeth in a day by placing dental implants and new teeth over them to help you achieve your goal. You will not need individual implants for every missing tooth but can replace all your teeth using four or six implants strategically embedded in your jaw and receive a snap-on denture.

Dental implant treatment is versatile and helps most regardless of whether they need a single tooth replaced or an entire arch. After getting the placements, you can also have temporary dental implant teeth to ensure tooth loss does not impact your smile.

You don’t have to be without teeth to receive dental implants in your mouth. On the contrary, Bayport Dental Center receives many patients requesting dental implants on the same day as tooth removal. The practice helps satisfy customer needs by providing them with implants immediately after tooth removal with replacement teeth to ensure their smile is not impacted.

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