Dental Fillings 101: Quick Guide to Dental Fillings

Aug 01, 2020

The dentist is dedicated to deal with all your dental worries. Tooth decay has been a worrying dental ailment, and dental filling has been an answer to this dental issue by the dentists for long. Dental fillings in Bayport, NY, are done by experienced dentists.

Teeth are an important organ of your body that performs a variety of tasks. These multi-tasking organs are found in two sets in humans. The temporary teeth, often known as milk teeth, give way to permanent teeth.

Tooth decay sets in when you fail to exercise proper oral care. Brushing and flossing your teeth should be incorporated into your routine. Using a disinfecting mouthwash can also reduce the chances of dental infection.

What Causes Cavities?

Cavities are permanent damage to your dental enamel. The hard surfaces of your teeth can develop tiny holes and grooves due to the bacterial activity on plaque and tartar. Frequent snacking, consuming sugary food and beverages, and not cleaning your teeth in the correct manner can contribute to the deposition of plaque when the plaque is not cleaned properly, the same deposits and forms a hard coating called tartar. The bacterial action on these deposition releases an acidic substance that corrodes the teeth.

The acidic reaction corrodes the calcium, which is the primary constituent of your enamel. The corrosion causes the formation of small holes, known as cavities. If not attended in time, the minute holes can weaken dental roots, and you might lose the whole tooth. Apart from losing your teeth, the disturbing factor is the persistent pain that you might have to bear.

Foods containing sugar and starch can repeat the cycles of an attack on your teeth and cause loss of minerals from your tooth. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and good oral hygiene can reduce the chances of cavities. A white spot on your teeth might signify that your teeth are losing their minerals.

Enamel can repair its own to some extent by replenishing minerals from saliva or fluoride toothpaste, but when the cavities are broad, dental filing is the only respite.

Dental Filings

Experienced dentists can do dental filling in Bayport, and you can start by scheduling an appointment with the dentist. The dentist can employ different modes of examination to determine the extent of the cavity. The easiest way to determine the cavity is to use a pick to test the top of your teeth. If the pick gets stuck in your teeth enamel, it implies that cavities have set in. There are chances of holes, and the same can deteriorate and deduce the longevity of your teeth.

The next step of treatment is to get the decay removed. To start with, the cavities would be checked and the affected teeth to be cleaned. Depending on your tooth’s state, the dentist might use air abrasion, drill, or laser.

Once the cavities are cleaned, the interior of your tooth would be cleaned and sanitized with a disinfectant to reduce and eliminate the chances of further infection. If the cavity has reached your gums, a liner would be used to protect the gums and nerves.

Types of Dental Filling

You can get different dental filings in Bayport. The dentist would be able to guide you accordingly on the type of dental filling that would be apt for you.

#1: Temporary and permanent Dental Filling

As the name suggests, the temporary fillings last for a short period, while the permanent ones can last for decades. The temporary fillings are soft in nature and made from soothing materials. These are placed deep inside the dental cavity and can be done after administering a dental crown or root canal treatment. The temporary fillings can be kept for six to eight weeks and replaced with permanent fillings.

The permanent fillings seal the dental gaps permanently and might affect the overall appearance of your teeth.

#2: Composite and Amalgams

Bayport Dental Care in Bayport, NY, can provide both composite and amalgam dental fillings. Amalgam fillings were popularly used in 1980’s, but composite fillings are more patronized due to its higher aesthetic value.

Amalgams are made from silver or gold and are more durable. Although composite fillings need replacements, but matches your natural teeth color, and can boost your self-esteem.

At Bayport Dental Care, you get free dental consultation with every appointment you book. We accept dental insurances, and our dentists are dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care.

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