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Dental Crowns Can Make The Remaining Part of Your Tooth Stronger

Dental crowns are the perfect solution for repairing teeth that have broken, weakened by tooth decay or by a large filling. These are artificial restorations that fit over the leftover part of a prepared tooth, making it stronger and giving it the shape of a natural tooth. A dental crown is also mentioned as a cap.

Why Should You Consider Dental Crowns?

You would be an ideal candidate to research for a dentist near me if you have discolored fillings that look ungainly, making you believe you need to improve the appearance of the tooth. You could also have a filling in root and need the crown to protect the remaining part of the tooth. You could even be searching for dental crowns for front teeth that are discolored or chipped and make you appear unsightly before others. In such cases, you should be looking for a dentist offering dental crowns near me because it would be convenient for you.

What Are Dental Crowns Made From?

Various materials are being used for making crowns, and new material is regularly being introduced. The popular options available to you presently are the following:

  • Porcelain Fused To Precious Metal.
    • In such crowns, a precious metal base is developed before layers of porcelain are applied over it. This is the most popular variety presently available.
  • Porcelain.
    • Porcelain is used entirely to make these crowns that do not have the strength of bonded crowns. However, they have a natural appearance and are suitable as dental crowns for front teeth.
  • All-Ceramic.
    • This is a temporary alternative which has been developed recently. It can provide the strength of a bonded crown with the appearance of a porcelain crown. Therefore, it can be used in any area of the mouth.
  • Glass.
    • The natural appearance of these crowns make them suitable or use anywhere in the mouth.
  • Gold-Alloy Crowns.
    • One of the oldest filling materials is gold, and presently it is used with other metal alloys to enhance its strength. The crowns are available in gold or silver color.
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The Preparation Of the Crown

The dentist attending to you will prepare your tooth, ideally shaping it for the crown. This will require removing a layer of the enamel to leave a strong center. The quantity of enamel removed with a similar to the thickness of the crown.

After the tooth has been shaped, an impression or mold will be taken by the dental team of the prepared tooth and another on the opposite side of the jaw to show you your bite. The impressions will be given to a dental technician along with any information they need as well as the color of the crown you have chosen.

What Is the Duration of the Treatment?

You must be prepared for at least two visits to the dentist’s office. During the first visit, your tooth will be prepared by the dental team, and impressions are taken, the shade you prefer noted before providing you with a temporary crown. The permanent crown will be fitted during your second visit, which will take place in approximately two weeks.

Will the Crown Appear Different?

The shape of the crown will be a little different from the shape of your tooth before the placement, and therefore you will be aware of it initially. However, you should feel fine within a few days and forget about them. If your bite is not comfortable, some adjustments may be needed on the crown. In such cases, you should be visiting your dentist again for a checkup and adjustments.

How to Care for Dental Crowns?

Your crowns need to be kept clean, just like your natural teeth. Crowns are not susceptible to decay, but it can begin where the edge of the crown is bonded to the teeth. Therefore you should brush at least twice a day, and it should also be your final activity of the night using fluoride toothpaste. Developing the habit of flossing your teeth and using an interdental brush will also prove beneficial.

How Long Will Crowns Last?

The lifetime of your crown will depend on how well you care for it. You can, however, rest assured the crowns will last for several years if you provide them the attention they deserve.

To get the best dental crowns in Bayport, NY contact us. Our dental team will be able to educate you on dental crowns and how long your crowns can be expected to last.

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