There’s no doubt that many of our patients continue to need dental care but are worried about COVID-19 and the possibility of transmission. At Bayport Dental Care, we believe in continuous dental care and promoting dental health while protecting the health and safety of our patients and office staff.

Our dental office is already clean as surfaces and equipment are constantly being disinfected and sterilized. Nonetheless, we’re taking extra precautions during the COVID-19 outbreak for your safety.

  • We’re operating at 50% capacity to allow for social distancing.
  • On arrival at your appointment, call us from the parking lot and we’ll let you know when you can enter the office.
  • Upon entry into the office, patients will need to fill a travel survey and get their temperature checked.
  • No more than two patients will be allowed in the waiting room at a given time.
  • Our staff members will also be subjected to temperature checks for your safety
  • Hypocholorus acid is used to fog rooms between patients for disinfection.
  • We’re letting hygiene rooms sit for approximately 45 minutes between patients.
  • Staff responsible for your care will be wearing level III masks, face shields, and gowns.
  • We will disinfect surfaces in the office at regular intervals and between patients.
  • We have installed Molekule Peco air filters that destroy viruses and bacteria. PECO destroys pollutants at a microscopic scale, including VOCs and viruses 1000x smaller than what the HEPA filter standard even tests for.
  • We have added Extra-oral High Speed suction for minimizing aerosol even further for all patients.

At Bayport Dental Care, we’re taking all the necessary precautions and following recommended safety guidelines. Our goal is to keep you and our staff members safe. We’re doing everything we can to implement these changes without inconveniencing patients. Your experience will be as comfortable and as safe as possible. We’re dedicated to providing our patients with excellent care, as always.

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