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7 Crucial Things You Need to Know About Dental Bridges

Nov 01, 2020

At some point, most people end up losing a tooth or more. It may be as a result of decay, gum disease, or accident. Whichever the reason, when you lose a tooth, you should always replace it. The gap left affects your speech, smile, or chewing ability directly or indirectly.

One of the finest missing teeth replacements is dental bridges. In this blog, we discuss this restorative procedure more to help you with your decision making. Talk to us if you require dental bridges in Bayport.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A tooth bridge is a missing tooth replacement that fills the gap left after losing a tooth. The bridge depends on the surrounding teeth to succeed. It is a great replacement, and it works for almost everyone.

Materials Used for Bridges

In most cases, dental bridges are made of porcelain or ceramic. However, there are metal and gold bridges. It’s just porcelain bridges are most common because they are aesthetic, durable, and comfortable.

Most people don’t mind showing off their gold bridges, though. They are the most durable and are great for replacing back teeth.

If you want to combine durability and beauty, you should consider getting a bridge with a metal/gold base and a ceramic/porcelain crown. Your dentist will walk you through these materials and help you choose the one that suits your condition the most.


You will need to visit the dentist at least two times to get a tooth bridge. However, the procedure does not take as long as a dental implant procedure. The dentist will prepare the teeth surrounding the gap to accept the bridge during the first visit. The preparation involves reducing the size of the surrounding teeth with a high-speed drill.

Still, on the first visit, the dentist will take your mouth’s impressions and send them to the lab. Finally, he will place a temporary bridge to preserve the space and make it comfortable for you to eat.

It will take about two weeks until the permanent bridge is ready. Once it is ready, the dentist will call you for a second visit. During this visit, the dentist will place the bridge and make the necessary adjustments. The procedure is pain-free, and the solution is permanent.

Uses of a Tooth Bridge

A dental bridge can be used to close a wide gap between teeth or replace one or more missing teeth. It is crucial to replace a missing tooth to maintain your beautiful smile and avoid affecting your speech and mastication.

Qualifications for Dental Bridges

The dental bridge procedure is non-invasive, which means almost everyone can get a bridge. Unlike dental implants, where you must have enough bone, you can get a bridge without requiring bone grafting. Even people with some health complications can get bridges. Talk to your dentist to see if it will work for you. You can talk to us if you dental bridges in Bayport.

Benefits of Bridges

There are various types of dental bridges, including Maryland, Cantilever, and Implant-supported bridges, and they all come with many benefits. These benefits include:

  • Bridges do not move while eating since they are fixed. You will be comfortable eating, and you won’t need to remove them at night.
  • Bridges are durable and can last for up to 20 years.
  • They strengthen the surrounding teeth.
  • Bridges ensure your facial structure is maintained.
  • They are a fantastic alternative for implants since implants don’t work for everyone.
  • A tooth bridge will restore your smile, boosting your confidence in the process.

Dental Bridge Cost

Bridges are relatively affordable compared to implants. However, each dental clinic charges differently, so we can’t quote an exact amount. The cost is affected by different factors, including the bridge’s material, the location of the clinic, and the gap’s location in the mouth.

Bridges Caring Tips

Taking care of tooth bridges is as easy as taking care of natural teeth. Here’s what to do:

  • Brush and floss daily
  • Visit your dentist regularly, preferably every six months.
  • Avoid acidic and cavity-causing foods such as bread, chips, and candies.

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